About us

Wondering what a randonneur (rahn doe ner) is? In short, it's a cyclist* who enjoys the challenges that come with riding longer distances. Our events, known as brevets (bruh vays), build upon one another and offer beginner and veteran cyclists alike new challenges in terms of planning, preparation, performance, perseverance, and of course, mileage.

Our members comes from Long Island and the New York City metropolitan area. Many members are originally from places elsewhere in the U.S. or from around the world. As one of the truly great international sports you never know who you'll find cycling by your side.

Our rides are non-competitive, timed events. You compete only against yourself and the clock. Anyone can get started with our 100K Jones Beach Populaire on April 15th or people can go on to ride our three longer distance events the Ronkonkoma 200K on May 13th, Bethpage 300K on June 17th, or all new There 'n Back Again 400K on July 29th (pending).

Note: With 2017 being a non-Paris-Brest-Paris year we've spread out our events from April—July. For those riders wishing to complete a Super Randonneur series consisting of 200, 300, 400 and 600K brevets, we will once again partner with our sister club, New Jersey Randonneurs, for the 600K brevet. Make it a New Year's resolution. Come ride with us!

* To be exact, a randonneur is a male long distance cyclist. A female cyclist among our ranks is known as a randonneuse (rahn doe nuhz).