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Weather Forecast

(2/14/2016 - 2/15/2016)

Max. Temp: 36°F
Min. Temp: 1°F
Time: 10:00 AMDate: 2/14/2016
Wind Chill: -4°F
Wind Speed: 13 mph
Direction: NNW

Time: 1:00 PMDate: 2/14/2016
Wind Chill: 0°F
Wind Speed: 8 mph
Direction: WNW

Time: 4:00 PMDate: 2/14/2016
Wind Chill: -3°F
Wind Speed: 4 mph
Direction: WNW

Time: 7:00 PMDate: 2/14/2016
Wind Chill: 7°F
Wind Speed: 2 mph
Direction: WNW

Time: 10:00 PMDate: 2/14/2016
Wind Chill: 7°F
Wind Speed: 1 mph
Direction: NNW

Time: 1:00 AMDate: 2/15/2016
Wind Chill: 10°F
Wind Speed: 1 mph
Direction: NNW

Time: 4:00 AMDate: 2/15/2016
Wind Chill: 14°F
Wind Speed: 1 mph
Direction: ESE
Notes: snow

Time: 7:00 AMDate: 2/15/2016
Wind Chill: 16°F
Wind Speed: 6 mph
Direction: SSE
Notes: snow

Time: 10:00 AMDate: 2/15/2016
Wind Chill: 21°F
Wind Speed: 10 mph
Direction: SSE
Notes: snow

Frequently asked questions
(aka Questions you're too scared to ask at a randonnée)
* means new question

Can I be disqualified from the ride?

As a randonneur, there is great emphasis on your sense of fair play. Nipping on the back of a vehicle or riding along an expressway is severely frowned upon. Also, riding in darkness without lights will be automatic disqualification.

Do I have to join Long Island Randonneurs to ride with you?

No, we are not a cycling club as such and have no official membership. However, I do recommend you join Randonneurs USA.

Do I have to join Randonnuers USA to ride a brevet?

No, but I do recommend you join RUSA. You get ride credit for each brevet you complete and they have medals and such which you can earn throughout the year.

Do sleep stops halt the clock ticking?

Nothing stops the clock once it starts. To get a quality sleep stop, you will need to race ahead of the clock so you can have some decent sleep before the clock catches up with you.

Do you have an electronic cue sheet?

Sheesh, you'd think this was the 21st century!

Doesn't a dynamo light slow you down?

Older dynamo lights probably did slow you down but the difference these new hub generators make cannot be determined without sophisticated measuring tools the likes of me cannot afford.

How do I qualify for PBP?

You need to complete a series. That is a 200k, a 300k, a 400k and a 600k the year of PBP.

How do you spell randonneuring?


How is the bike inspected?

When riding in darkness, it is mandatory that the bicycle has front and rear lights attached to it and that the rider has reflective strips around both ankles and either a reflective sash or vest around the torso. Depending upon how many hours of darkness the ride takes place will determine the requirement of back up lights. A 200k will probably be finished before the sun sets so the requirements for lighting is less stringent.

How is this different from doing an organised century ride?

The rider is independent on the road. No support vehicles, etc., between the controles are allowed to assist the rider. The controles may not be manned and there may be no free food!

Is there really no free food?

The objective of randonneuring is not for the food but some organisers do put on a spread from time to time. It depends upon how they can set it up.

So what is a brevet?

A brevet is very much like a randonnée but is always controlled by the clock.

What is a randonnée?

A long bike ride that may or may not be controlled by clock.

What is a randonneur?

A randonneur is a male cyclist undertaking a randonneuring event.

What is a randonneuse?

A randonneuse is a female cyclist undertaking a randonneuring event.

What is that cable coming from your front wheel?

That, my fellow cyclist, is the cable for powering my dynamo light.

What type of controlés are there?

You have regular controlés, information controlés and secret controlés.

What's with all the French?

Randonneuring originated in France and as the concept har barely changed over the years, we have just tended to keep the same terminology.

Where's the short cut?

You're already on it!